Thomas Vs The Monsters

When monsters attack Lacon, IL...
it is Thomas who responds.
He is a hero with no equal and no guide,
on a quest... for GLORY!!!

Thomas is a boy who solves his problems like a man... with his fists. This is a problematic solution that can only take him so far, particularly where matters of the heart are concerned, and after all, our story is set in the heart-land. 

With no legal guardians to answer to, this ward of the state earns his way in the world by defending Lacon, IL against the menagerie of monsters who harass it's population. A big task, but he's not without assistance. Enter: Andy Anderson and Tubbo. A man infected by a monster and a monster infected by mankind (respectively). 

The monsters began as your garden variety drooling, lower-than-average-intelligence, beasts. These Thomas had little trouble besting. Our story picks up at a time when these things began to change. And with that change came questions. A Death God under the graveyard. A pair of symbiotic star crossed beings. Monsters who act like gangsters. Monsters who run corporations. 

What does it take to stop a monster... and how do you stop being one?

Here's a hint, Tommy-boy, it's gonna take more than your fists. 


Jp Pollard 
Creator, writer & artist

Megan Baxter 
Consigliere, editor & designer