Thomas Vs The Monsters

A bizarre cadre, brought together more by fate than design! 
The book might be called "Thomas VS The Monsters", but each character presented below is vital to the struggle. 



Thomas has all the makings of a great hero... or a great villian. Sure, he smokes cigarettes and runs around punching holes in monsters, but you know he's covering up a deep pain. For one, where are his parents? Where's all this monster fighting stuff going to get him? Whats up with the hat? Doesn't he know cigarettes stunt your growth? I mean, he's got a long way to go if he wants to get to that "Heroic Proportion" of eight heads tall.  

Almost a foot shorter than Wolverine, twice the temper and hands like big ole' honey hams, It's going to be an uphill battle for Thomas if he's going to be the hero this comic needs. 

There are 37 monsters living. All are accounted for but this one... this is new.
I hate new.
— Thomas

A N D Y  A N D E R S O N

Remember when you graduated school and suddenly realized your degree in journalism was worth about $2 less than your shoelaces? Now, simultaneously,  imagine being confronted an ancient nameless Death God, who winds up taking residence in your skull. 

Got it? Now you know what it's like to be Andy Anderson. A good hearted fellow facing the societal pressures we all deal with at 21... endowed with all of powers & abilities of an ancient Death God (growing from the base of his cranium). A stable combination, yes?

I’m growing a Death God on the back of my head... and Thomas knows squat about it.
— Andy Anderson



A monster with the ability to take on the traits of anything it eats. Thomas saw the opportunity immediatley: By feeding the monster his own hair follicles, the thing would become like a giant Thomas clone. It would assist him in his ongoing war against monster kind!

But it didn't quite work like that. 

Protective and good-natured, Tubbo is a pacifist, and for all his bulk, a gentle soul. Seemingly mute, his face a distorted funhouse version of Thomas's, a fact hidden by his welders helmut. Part sidekick and part den-mother, Tubbo remains the most well-adjusted member of this trio. 

Thomas wanted to make me another one of him... but I am not.
— Tubbo